usa women's team inaugural year (1983)

1983: Usa women's national team inaugural year

BY NEW YORK BENT, january 12, 2017

The First USA Women’s National Team, "Melting Pot"

1983, age 30:

“One of the most fun adventures, and one memory I will cherish forever, is the story about how we got to be World Champions in 1983 in Sweden. I contacted the tournament organizers and made it clear that we were not the US Women’s National Team, but there’s a bunch of us women traveling with the Rude Boys (Boston team). Would it be ok if we competed in the tournament? And they said ok. We pulled together 8 women, which is really insane. 1 woman had never played before, and we picked up a woman from Belgium.

My friend Kelly Waugh and I played every goal of every game. We played essentially savage for 3 or 4 days, a couple games a day, on a field that was like straw on concrete. I turned 30 at that tournament. I was in the best shape of my life. It was a phenomenal experience. From that experience as a leader, what I brought to the table there was if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So we opened the door to be able to play. And once we got there, you just give it everything you have. At the end of the week we ended up as so-called World Champions.

There's that old phrase, "there's no I in team." I truly believe in team. We all compete as individuals, but we're individuals on a team. And I do believe that spirit of the game was one of the best inventions of all time, to be the foundation for any sport. Because it's truly a life lesson. And on my watch, if you could call it that, I sure hope it remains that paramount value that we all bring to what we do on the field and how we run our lives.

My life would be a lot different without ultimate. I'm sure glad I found it, it found me, and the story kind of went from there.” - Suzanne Fields, Interview with Skyd Magazine, 2011

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