Seattle Mixtape Mixed Tournament and Afterparty!
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Seattle Mixtape Mixed Tournament and Afterparty!

Come on out for the first ever  Seattle Mixtape Hats & Tats Tournament, a FUNdraiser! You can sign up in groups of up to THREE players, so get your buddies to come along, too! Due to not having enough women sign ups, we are making this COED in order to keep fields paid for and try and get our college kids to tourneys.. Tell and bring your friends. We will try again next year for a lady only tourney! Come play!

Each team will have a tattoo theme (ex. animals, flowers, geometric designs...). We'll provide temporary tattoos for you to support your squad throughout the day! Bring your Sharpies if you want to get creative, too!! ;)

This is a 7 v 7 full field tourney, round robin style with about 4 games.

If you have trouble affording the fee to play, let us know and we'll work something out.

We will be having an after party at REN FITNESS. You have free entry if you play in the tourney. The party will begin 8 with  DJ, Husayn Carnegie and we will dance until midnight. Starting later in the evening we will have adult beverages.

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