spirit of the game college documentary competition

(Nathan Kolakovic)

(Nathan Kolakovic)

what is spirit of the game anyways?!

What? A documentary competition to highlight Spirit of the Game in the ultimate community

Why? Ultimate is at a complicated place as we try to reconcile the character of our community post last year's publicity of the Gender Equity Action Group and the election results. Let's take a moment to celebrate and learn from teams that already have great spirit.

Prompt: What is Spirit of the Game, why is it important, and how do we best foster it?

Cash prizes (split into an equitable amount)
Women’s division: $750
Mixed division: $500
Men’s division: $250
(Note: Although there is no formal mixed division yet in college, some schools do not have enough people for either women's or a men's division. We consider those teams Mixed Teams. Any questions about this policy, please reach out!) 

3 minutes (maximum!) video
International teams welcome to apply!
Only one submission per school allowed (A and B teams should apply together)
Upload final high-res video file to your google drive, share with create@thenationalultimateleague.com

May 1, 11:59 pm PST - deadline to submit your video
May 5, 8:00 am PST - voting opens
May 19, 8:00 pm PST - voting closes
May 24, 10:00 am PST - winners announced

Selection Process
Judging will be selected on the following three categories:
1. Filmmaking (shooting, editing, production value)
2. Interest of content and
3. Creativity.
50% of the scores will be based on popular vote, and the other 50% will be based on scores from the NUL “Academy”, including top club players, film professionals, and Fulcrum Media.

Questions? Email us at create@thenationalultimateleague.com