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Open Discussion on Black Lives Matter in Ultimate #BLMheadbands

Friday, May 26, 2017, 6:45 - 8 pm

USAU College Nationals, mason, OH

location tbd

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Introducing Minnesota Girl's Ultimate Player's Initiative

On May 15, 2017, the Girl Ultimate Player’s Initiative (GUPI) had its first meeting. Spawned out of the recent open letter to Minnesota Ultimate written by Emma Piorier and co-authored by over 25 others, GUPI is a non-profit, youth-led organization dedicated to promoting gender equity in Minnesota’s ultimate community, and especially the youth scene. GUPI’s main objectives are to highlight girl’s teams and players in Minnesota by increasing exposure, work with local governing body Minnesota Ultimate to create equitable policy and collaborate with local club teams to promote gender equity on every level of play. The organization itself consists of a six person board of youth players, representing five high schools in the Twin Cities metro area. Members include Jacalyn Gisvold of Robbinsdale Cooper, Emma Piorier of Great River School, Siena Leone-Getten of Open World Learning Community, Sylvie Mercil of Minneapolis South, Ana Caballero of Como Park, and Anna Clements of Great River School. Upcoming projects include working with local club teams to craft equity statements for the 2017 season, fundraising to work towards providing scholarships to women wanting to play YCC, and increasing coverage of youth women’s frisbee through game recaps and a weekly newsletter. To stay up to date on all of GUPI’s activities, you can follow them on Twitter (@MNGUPI) like their Facebook page, and stay tuned to their website (


Sydney rogue vs. Melbourne ellipsis (2017 Australian ultimate championships)

"Her Take" from the DC Women's combine, produced by fulcrum



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